Charli D’Amelio cried in a livestream after nearly 1 million TikTok users unfollowed her over a video controversy

November 19, 2020

Summary List PlacementTikTok users were outraged by Charli D’Amelio this week, and she’s lost nearly a million followers on the platform so far. “Blatantly disrespecting the fact that I’m still a human being is not OK at all,” she said, adding that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be on the internet anymore. In D’Amelio’s livestream, she said she wanted to talk to her fans because it was “all just one huge misunderstanding” and she never meant to come across as arrogant. “If that’s not what you guys want that’s fine and I won’t do it again,” she said. Psychologists say what comes next won’t be pretty. A YouTube video was posted on her family’s channel on November 16, in which some characterized her behavior as “rude,” “entitled,” and “ungrateful.”
Charli tearfully explained it was all ‘one huge misunderstanding’
While talking to dinner guest James Charles in the video, D’Amelio appears to complain about not hitting 100 million followers on TikTok within a year. Read more:
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TikTok is breeding a new batch of child stars. SEE ALSO: Charli D’Amelio is losing followers after complaining about not hitting 100 million, and being rude to a private chef
Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How architects use feng shui to design famous buildings Her sister Dixie also received criticism on social media and in YouTube comments for acting disgusted at a meal cooked by a private chef. D’Amelio’s comments section on her livestream was flooded with hearts and supportive messages from her fans. — Def Noodles (@defnoodles) November 18, 2020

D’Amelio’s follower count currently stands at 98,589,000, and is still going down. “Stay strong Charli we love u,” one comment reads. “It’s sad but it’s the facts.”
James Charles, who was in the YouTube video, also defended his friend when fans started tagging him in comments. “Charli is soooo grateful for everyone that supports her,” he wrote on TikTok. “They’re always going to be jealous Charli,” says another. “It’s completely blown out of proportion,” she said, “No matter what I say, no matter how I handle any of this, people are still going to think what they’re going to think and that’s fine, because those are the people who, in the long run, weren’t going to be there for me at the end of the day, and that’s fine, I understand that.”
She added that she was genuinely sorry, and “it wasn’t something where I truly meant to be hurtful, or truly meant to put anyone down.”

Charli we love u so much please don’t cry lovelyyy❤️💕😻your the amazing charli I know ❤️keep up the good work u have doing on tík tok🥰and lets go and get 100M omg ❤️💞 — Cristian Perez (@Cristia71659792) November 19, 2020

D’Amelio said this was one time she wasn’t trying to put on a “perfect image” that “everyone’s telling me I have to be,” by making jokes and being sarcastic. D’Amelio says people have been leaving violent, abusive comments
D’Amelio started to cry when talking about some of the hate comments and “messed up stuff” she’s received on social media, including some violent and abusive statements. “If this is the community that I’m in, and the community that I’ve put myself, I don’t know if I want to do that anymore,” she said. D’Amelio went live on her Instagram page to talk to her followers about the criticism. “I don’t like these comments dragging her.”

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING TOTALLY UNEXPECTED: James Charles defends Charli D’Amelio after she gets backlash for complaining about not getting 100M followers in 1 year. It’s a drop in the ocean as far as her TikTok stardom is concerned — she still has a following of over 98 million — but it’s the mean comments that she’s struggling with, D’Amelio said in a tearful livestream Thursday. James had shaded Charli when she complained asking her if 95M is not enough.

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