Chrissy Teigen roasted Newt Gingrich’s wife for a photo-editing fail

September 14, 2020

This is not the first time that Twitter users have pointed out Gingrich’s photo editing. On Saturday, Gingrich took to Twitter and shared a selfie in which she posed next to her husband. Most found Gingrich’s obvious editing to be funny, considering her husband wasn’t given the same treatment. (@TylerDinucci) May 20, 2020

Gingrich’s experimentation with photo editing may have begun as early as 2018, when she posted a heavily-edited photo for her anniversary. Gingrich has not appeared to comment publicly on the discourse surrounding editing choices. hire me — john l (@a_goddamned_guy) September 12, 2020

Twitter user @nitecrawler_305 went in a slightly different direction, sharing a FaceTuned photo of Yoda, which racked up over 10,000 likes. “I wish I loved anything as much s Callista Gingrich loves FaceTune,” he quipped. ☀️ — Callista Gingrich (@CallyGingrich) September 12, 2020

Commenters noticed that the photo had been altered, enlarging it to reveal clear marks of a photo blurring, including distortion the goes into the hairline and a clear demarcation where natural shine and shadows on the forehead end bluntly. Summary List PlacementCallista Gingrich, a diplomat, author, and wife of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, is joining the ever-expanding club of public figures who have been ridiculed online for their less-than-seamless photo editing. “Stop facetuning ur pics girl,” one commenter wrote. Twitter user @a_goddamned_guy poked fun at the heavy editing by offering their own retouched version of the photo — and asking Gingrich for a job. callista! Chrissy also weighed in on the catastrophic and uneven editing by sharing her “improved” version of the photo, joking, “get u a girl who will Facetune u both.”

You’re welcome @newtgingrich — chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 13, 2020

To date, Teigen’s tweet has received nearly 120,000 likes. Read more:
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I asked influencers to edit my selfies and turn me into an entirely different person, and it just reminded me how damaging it is to chase an unattainable idea of perfectionJoin the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why this chef never puts cheese in a sandwich — Tyler Dinucci!! I wish I loved anything as much as Callista Gingrich loves FaceTune. — chief vibes officer (@nitecrawler_305) September 12, 2020

The post made its way into celebrity circles as well. — Kiki Murakami (@kikmurakami) September 12, 2020

The blurring on the forehead appeared to come from a common photo editing tool like FaceTune or a similar app. Happy Anniversary to my husband, Newt!❤️

A post shared by Callista Gingrich (@callygingrich) on Aug 18, 2018 at 1:38am PDT on
Aug 18, 2018 at 1:38am PDT

The post, in which Gingrich and her husband appear to have perfectly smooth faces, sparked several comments questioning her photo editing methods. .@newtgingrich and I wish you a lovely weekend! “Couldn’t give Newt any FaceTune love???” one Twitter user quipped.  
In May, TV writer Tyler Dinucci retweeted another heavily-edited photo that Gingrich posted to Twitter. “@newtgingrich and I wish you a lovely weekend!” she captioned the photo.

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