Surprising jobs Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other beauty influencers had before achieving internet fame

November 20, 2020

After graduating, she moved on to work for an insurance agency. Emily Noel’s previous career as a morning news anchor led to the creation of her YouTube channel. Not only have they changed the way we shop for makeup, but beauty influencers also provide constant entertainment through their videos and internet drama. But then I started YouTube so that I could practice my passion.”
In addition to her makeup expertise, Nicol Concilio has a lot of medical experience. Just like Manny MUA, Morello shared her work history on Twitter in April 2019. Then I decided: ‘I’m gonna go back to the salon — that’s where I belong.'”
“I was a very rebellious teenager, and anything my parents wanted me to do — aka hair — I didn’t want to do, so that’s why I got that job,” he continued. Noel started her YouTube channel back in 2007, and originally did so while working as a morning news anchor for WSIL-TV. “Five days ago we sold out of my palette in 43 minutes.”
Though he started making YouTube videos at a young age, James Charles still found time to work a “regular” job. “I was a sales associate there when I was 16 for a few months. Laura Lee has held numerous retail jobs over the years. When she released her first Morphe eye-shadow palette in 2017, Hill used Twitter to reflect on her career journey. Chloe Morello’s past jobs range from wine tasting to bartending. Tati Westbrook listed her “weird jobs” during a 2016 YouTube video. In 2012, she posted a YouTube video announcing that she’d be leaving her news position to further pursue online opportunities. Freelancing was just something I did on the side, but I eventually let go of the career because it was taking too much time and money. During the video, Westbrook said she’s worked as a freelance makeup artist, cashier at Gap, “perfume sample lady,” accountant, and celebrity personal assistant. She began looking for a creative outlet, and eventually made a YouTube channel. She also said she’s been a jewelry seller at Costco, Starbucks barista, bartender, dog groomer, and consultant at a bareMinerals counter at Nordstrom. Patrick Starrr has come a long way since his early days working in the beauty industry. “I’m approached with more opportunities relating to this YouTube channel than I can accept, and I never would’ve imagined it would’ve grown to this,” she said in the video. He eventually became famous on Myspace around 2003, and briefly pivoted to music — he released music videos, an album called “Beauty Killer,” and even toured. I worked at a frozen-yogurt shop called 16 handles in my hometown.”
According to Charles, he was 16 at the time and “loved” working for the company. “I worked in medical insurance,” she said. That was me. On Twitter in January, Lee said she’s worked as a cashier in a pet shop, wine store, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. When DeFranco asked if the YouTuber had ever worked a “regular job,” Charles said: “Yes! His career came full circle when he collaborated with the brand in 2017, which he announced in a YouTube video. When one fan questioned his volleyball skills, Gutierrez revealed that he even went to the Junior Olympics while in high school. She also shared some insight into her medical background, which includes jobs as a medical assistant, EKG tech, and phlebotomist, or a person trained to draw blood. Summary List Placement

In 2020, it’s tough to imagine a world without beauty influencers. She also said she’s worked at a day-care facility, as a medical assistant, and as a Cheeburger Cheeburger waitress. In the past, she’s cleaned motel rooms, tended bar, modeled, worked as a belly dancer and instructor, and also as a plot coordinator at a crematorium. 
One fan seemed particularly shocked by the latter job, and asked if Morello enjoyed the work. Additionally, Westbrook has worked as an actor, appearing in shows like “Greek” and “Unsolved Mysteries.”
Before becoming a YouTuber, Jackie Aina served in the military. Before becoming a YouTuber, Starrr worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. “I freelanced at MAC, I freelanced at Macy’s, shout out to Florida Mall, shout out to Millenia, shout out to Orlando,” Starrr said in his video. The YouTuber replied and said she did. From James Charles to Jeffree Star, here’s how 13 influencers made their livings before becoming famous.FOLLOW US: Insider is on Facebook
Manny Gutierrez, also known as Manny MUA, has worked in both service and athletic fields. “The only other job I’ve had outside the hair industry was at Calvin Klein,” Mondo told Insider during an August interview. In February, Charles appeared on Philip DeFranco’s A Conversation With podcast. In a 2018 interview with Insider, Aina said she joined the army in 2008, and had a lot of free time because she was in the reserves. “I was just a girl working at MAC living on food stamps because I couldn’t pay my bills,” Hill wrote at the time. Jeffree Star went from musician to makeup mogul. I was going to school full-time as well. He also noted that he balanced the job with his growing internet career, meaning he would sometimes film a YouTube video, “speed” to work, and then complete his homework when he’d get home at night. Jaclyn Hill also got her start working for MAC Cosmetics. In response to her tweet, a representative for Dick’s Sporting Goods said: “We miss you, Laura.”
Brad Mondo only worked one job before he became a hair mogul. More recently in January, the YouTuber shared a similar list with two additional jobs: wine taster and sales assistant. Aina has also mentioned on Twitter that she previously worked at a MAC Cosmetics store. As Insider’s Jacob Shamsian previously pointed out, Star has worked in makeup before from working at beauty counters to doing makeup for brides and celebrities after graduating high school. Back in April 2019, the YouTuber shared a tweet about five jobs he’s worked in the past. In January, the YouTuber wrote on Twitter that she’s worked as a dog washer, receptionist, and bank teller. “This started as a hobby thing, and it continues because I have the love and passion for it.” 

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I bought Jeffree Star’s new Blood Lust collection at a Morphe store, and it was far less hectic than Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy launch However, many of today’s makeup moguls were doing everyday jobs just a few years ago. The YouTuber said later in the podcast that he also “started businesses online” at a young age, and sold two Instagram pages for $15,000 when he was 15 years old. “You know the number you call on the back of your insurance card? Dominique told Insider in an August interview that her first job, though unofficial, was in middle and high school when she became the “locker-room makeup artist” for her classmates. Christen Dominique left her job at an insurance agency to pursue YouTube. At the time, he said he’s been a volleyball coach, restaurant host, waiter, Sephora employee, and MAC Cosmetics makeup artist. “Orlando is a place where I got to foster my artistry.” 
He’s since released numerous collections with MAC Cosmetics.

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